Wiring Harness Assembly
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Item 1: CPC connector which adapts to the camera assembly
            for power and camera trim control functions.
Item 2: SMA connector which adapts to the camera assembly
            for video to the flight display or auxilary monitor.
Item 3: Circuit breaker specifically rated for load protection.
Item 4: Camera trim control switch. A toggle switch to control
            camera aiming from 0 to 28 degrees (vert axis).
Item 5: A/F ground for return power.
Item 6: A/C Bus Bar for system power (14 or 28 volt).
Item 7: Trim conntrol circuit.This circuit is restricted to 12 ft.
Item 8: Power supply lead. This lead is restricted to 13 feet for
            14 volt systems and 27 feet for 28 volt systems.
Item 9: Video coax cable. This lead supports an unrestricted
            length to the display unit.

The wiring harness is prefabricated with the CPC connector (item 1), SMA connector (item 2) and the encapsulated trim control switch (item 4). Cable lengths items 7, 8 and 9 should be specified for your installation. Cable lengths with previous approvals will be provided with the proper lengths. All cables Mil-Spec: MIL-W-16878/4 [E], fully shielded.

The wiring harness is provided fully assembled with a CPC plug which connects to the camera, a trim control switch which mounts on a panel or console, and a power input lead which connects to its own 3/4 amp breaker.

The wiring harness provides power to the camera and trim control signals to an electric servo for camera aiming from 0 to 28 degrees in a vertical and forward looking fashion.
The video lead is provided with an SMA connector on one end which connects to the camera where the opposite end remains open for user defined termination into the an onboard display.
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