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         Skin & Rib Installations

Item 1: T6-200 imaging camera assembly.

Item 2: Transition plate which is secured  to the extension plate
             and receives the camera assembly.

Item 3: Extension plate. This plate is machined of
            aluminum alloy whereas its upper surface is processed
            to conform to the hull contour of its mounting location.

Item 4: Inner doubler support assembly specifically
            designed according to each aircraft type & location.

Item 5: Circuit breaker.

Item 6: Console mounted camera trim control switch.

Item 7: A/C bus bar (12 or 28 volt supply to breaker).

Item 8: A/F ground (return through power lead shield).

Item 9: Video output lead to the flight display.

The CPC and SMA connectors to the camera assembly are factory assembled as is the encapsulated camera trim control switch (item 6).

Typical installation into skin & rib structures


Installation into hulls constructed of skin & rib require the use of an extension plate (item 3 above). In order to machine process the upper surface of this plate an impression of the hull contour must be established. A procedure has been designed and developed to capture the contour in the field. The surface mapping guide is available. Contact us to request the fixturing kit.

The T6-200 wiring harness is routed along the existing airframe wiring harness where the power lead terminates to the circuit breaker console, the trim control switch terminates to a console or instrument panel (with pilot access) and the video output lead to the flight display.

With the extension plate fastened in position on the hull, the transition plate can then fasten to its base. The CPC and SMA connectors are screwed into the camera receptacles where the camera assembly is then secured to the transition plate with 8 screws and washers.

All parts, materials and detailed installation manuals are available for previously approved installations (STC'd or field approved).

For aircraft without previous approvals we can assist you with technical installation support upon request.

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