Honeycomb Installations
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Item 1: T6-200 imaging camera assembly.

Item 2: Transition plate which is secured  to the potting
            inserts and receives the camera assembly.

Item 3: Potting inserts bonded into the honeycomb core.

Item 4: Outer doubler bonded and rivited to the outer
            honeycomb surface.

Item 5: Inner doubler bonded and rivited to the inner
            honeycomb surface.

Item 6: Circuit breaker.

Item 7: Console mounted camera trim control switch.

Item 8: A/F ground (return through power lead shield).

Item 9: A/C bus bar (14 or 28 volt).

Item 10: Video output lead to the flight display.

The CPC and SMA connectors to the camera assembly are factory assembled as is the encapsulated camera trim control switch (item 7).

Typical installation into honeycomb floor panels

Installation into a honeycomb floor offers a direct mounting surface for the transition plate (item 2) via installed potting inserts (item 3). Outer and inner doublers (items 4 & 5) are typically required when modifing honeycomb structures.

The T6-200 wiring harness is routed along the existing airframe wiring harness where the power lead terminates to the circuit breaker console, the trim control switch terminates to a console or instrument panel (with pilot access) and the video output lead to the flight display.

With the transition plate secured to the potting inserts and the wiring harness installed and connected, the CPC and SMA connectors are screwed into the camera receptacles where the camera assembly is then secured to the transition plate with 8 screws and washers.

All parts, materials and detailed installation manuals are available for previously approved installations (STC'd or field approved).

For aircraft without previous approvals we can assist you with technical installation support upon request.

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