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       Special Purpose Flight Operations

Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue Aircraft are a well known asset and are typically equipped with a fully articulating gimbal assembly with multiple sensor units in the turret at a very high cost. These systems also require an operator to control and observe the target field. The T6-200 EVS supports single pilot operation which enables the pilot to perform tracking maneuvers without the need of sharing a controlled turret while greatly increasing aircraft safety at a greatly reduced cost.


EMS Aircraft
EMS Aircraft do not have the benefit of flying when the weather conditions are favorable, not to mention night time flights. They fly whenever there are called to do so and always fly into unknown landing zones with all kinds of obstacles at the scene. EVS gives your pilots the ability to view the landing zone and all surrounding objects with great detail in order to maintain a safe approach and landing.

Law Enforcement

Similar to that of SAR missions, law enforcement aircraft are typically equipped with fully articulating gimbal assemblies with a dedicated operator observing the target field. The T6-200 EVS is dedicated to the pilot which enables him to track the target field separate and apart from the articulating gimbal with a much higher level of control of the aircrafts flight path with greater safety.

 Firefighting Tracking and Observation

The T6-200 will see through smoke as if it didn't exist and see's the fire! There's no better way to detect the structure of a fire than with thermal imaging, and no better way to locate structures and personnel within the target environment.

 Powerline inspection

Thermal imaging is used extensively in detecting hot-spots surrounding insulators, interconnecting cable assemblies and transformers. Infrared technology enables observers to rapidly and confidently trouble-shoot the thousands of miles of transmission lines throughout the entire nation.

 Offshore Flight Operations

Weather spotting offshore vessels or approaching an offshore platform EVS is a priceless asset for identification and enhancing situational awareness on a surface environment which otherwise has no distinguishing features at all. Imaging the surface conditions will help define the perceived height and relative motion resulting in reduced stress and increased operational safety.


 Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife within a field or wooded environment which, would otherwise be camouflaged, cannot hide from thermal imaging sensors. Locating and tracking wildlife through the eye of a thermal imager is far more effective than the human eye can ever be. Many ranchers use thermal imaging to locate and recover stray cattle on large farms.


 Night Flight Operations

Thermal imaging lets you see when flying at night, or in smoke, haze, and light fog. It will enhance a pilots situational awareness in adverse environmental conditions in times when he ordinarily would not be able to without it. The T6-200 imaging system offers the most powerful imaging technology at an affordable price which complements Synthetic Vision Systems (SVS) and is a superb alternative to expensive Night Vision Goggle (NVG) technologies.

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