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The primary components of the video camera system is a transition plate, camera assembly, wiring harness, video lead and miscellaneous supporting hardware. We have approved design data for both honeycomb and skin & rib installations or you can use your own core capabilities to secure an install. We can also offer design assistance for your installation upon request.

The transition plate is the support platform for the camera assembly. Upon developing a reinforced hard point on the airframe hull, the plate is fixed in position with four retaining screws.

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The camera assembly contains all the core components for video processing and trimming control and mounts onto the transition plate with eight retaining screws. it easily removes and installs as necessary.
The wiring harness is provided fully assembled with a CPC plug which connects to the camera, a trim control switch which mounts on a panel or console, and a power input lead which connects to its own 3/4 amp breaker.

The wiring harness provides power to the camera and trim control signals to an electric servo for camera aiming from 0 to 28 degrees in a vertical and forward looking fashion.
  The video lead is provided with an SMA connector on one end which connects to the camera where the opposite end remains open for user defined termination into the an onboard display.

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Installation is streamline. Hardware & materials also provided. We can also offer technical support  for any installation.
  The image shown here is a Garmin G500H in a Bell 407G. The infrared image is displayed on the MFD on the upper LH side while being towed.

Bell 407GX models with full glass displays will display the infrared image on full screen.
Bell 407G in flight with Garmin G500H displaying synthetic vision on RH display, GPS mapping on lower LH and the infrared image on upper LH in streaming video confirming a clear path.
  The image shown here is the instrument panel of a Sikorsky S-76 with a fold-away display installed where the infrared image is displayed.

There are many on market displays available to support your application.

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