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We do not offer displays as part of the M-SAT installation. We offer the infrared video source supplied to the display. As most current aircraft are already equipped with onboard displays, display options are no longer an issue. For aircraft without onboard displays there are auxiliary displays available which are widely used for EVS video. Some of these displays are listed below.
     Bell 407G equipped with a Garmin G500H 
     Bell 407GX equipped with a Garmin G1000
For aircraft without onboard displays, auxiliary displays are available capable of receiving analog video in (NTSC) format as shown below.
    Sikorsky S-76 equipped with Flight Displays
    FD50HMT (5" side mount)
FD50HMT (5" Display)
The FD50HMT is a 5” Cabin Video Display, which provides an excellent opportunity to bring
EVS video, Moving Map, or any other Composite source into the cockpit or cabin with a low-profile, stowable display.

Display Type                                  5.0487” TFT Color LCD
Display Size                                   3.97”(W) x 2.96”(H)
Screen Resolution                         640x480~1026x786
Brightness                                      600 cd/m²
Dimensions Stowed                     5.81”(W) x 4.50”(H) x 1.21”(D)
Dimensions Deployed                  6.57”(W) x 4.50”(H) x 1.21”(D)
Power                                             28VDC @ .3 AMPS
Video Inputs                                   Supported Composite Video, NTSC/PAL
Screen Control                              On Screen Display Menu
Weight                                            1 lb, 10 oz
DO-160E Tested                          Section 21 CAT B, M
Vibration & Shock Testing           DO-160E, Sections 7&8

Flight Displays web page for FD50HMT

FD90AID (5" Display) Top Mount

Convenient stowable monitor displays EVS on the LCD that will enhance the safety of your operation

Dimensions (Display)                6.1” (W) x .66” (H) x .4.75” (D)
Dimensions (DEB)                    5.7” (W) x 1.14” (H) x 5.05” (D)
Weight (Display) FD90AID -    1.22 lb, FD270AID - 1.20 lb
Weight (DEB-SM)                     1.1 lb
Weight (DEB Cable)                 .65 lb
Materials                                    Aluminum
Viewing Angles                         180o on both axis
Aspect Ratio                              4:3
Resolution                                  640x480
Supported Resolution              1280x1024
Brightness                                 600 cd/m2
Display Type                             5.0487” TFT color LCD
Power                                        12 - 28V @.5Amps - .3Amps

FD270AID (5" Display) Bottom Mount

Flight Displays web page for FD270AID
FD90AID-LG (5" Display)
• Can be used to display Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS), Satellite Weather, or a standard
   video camera. Unlike the standard Flipper, the LG version is contained in a single box
   for easy installation

DO-160 TESTED                                   FAA/PMA Approved
Dimensions (Display Enclosure)           6.1”(W) x .70”(H) x 10.00”(D)
Dimensions Deployed                            6.1”(W) x 4.82”(H) x 10.00”(D)
Weight (Display)                                      2.4 lbs
Materials                                                  Aluminum
Viewing Angles                                      180 on both axis
FD90AID-ST (5" Display)
• Can be used to display Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS), Satellite Weather,
  or a standard video camera. Unlike the standard Flipper, the ST version is contained
  in a single box for easy installation

DO-160 TESTED                                      FAA/PMA Approved
Dimensions (Display Enclosure)             6.1”(W) x 1.375”(H) x 5.2”(D)
Dimensions Deployed                              6.1”(W) x 5.45”(H) x 5.2”(D)
Weight (Display)                                        2.3 lbs
Materials                                                    Aluminum
Viewing Angles                                         180 on both axis
FD90AID-HMT (5")

Specifically designed for installation in helicopters to be mounted on the side of the instrument panel, glareshield or sidewall, but is not limited to helicopters.

Stows flush against it’s mounting plate and only occupies 1.38 inch of visible space

Dimensions (Display Enclosure)                   7.40”(W) x 5.50”(H) x 1.38”(D)
Dimensions Deployed                                    7.40”(W) x 5.50”(H) x 7.97”(D)
Weight (Display)                                              2.4 lbs
Materials                                                           Aluminum
Viewing Angles                                               180 on both axis
FD90AID-SMT (5" Slide Mount)

The slide mount is a variant of our popular Flipper. Perfect for installation on top of a glareshield

DO-160 TESTED                             FAA/PMA Approved
Dimensions (Display)                      6.7” (W) x 1.07” (H) x 7.00” (D)
Dimensions (DEB)                           5.7” (W) x 1.14” (H) x 5.05” (D)
Weight (Display)                               3.10 lbs
Weight (DEB)                                   1.1 lb
Weight (DEB Cable)                       .65 lb
Materials                                            Aluminum
Viewing Angles                                180o on both axis

Flight Displays web page for FD90AID-SMT

FD70CMT-M (7" Ceiling Mount)

Flight Displays web page for FD70CMT-M
FD90AID-7 (7" Display)

Creates panel space where none previously existed, providing an excellent opportunity
to bring EVS video, satellite weather, or any other VGA/Composite source into the cockpit
with a low-profile, stowing display.

Dimensions Closed                             7.8”(W) x .89”(H) x 5.0”(D)
Dimensions Deployed                        7.8”(W) x 4.7”(H) x 5.0”(D)
Power                                                   12 - 28V @.6Amps - .3Amps
Weight                                                  1 lb 8 oz
Materials                                               Aluminum

Flight Displays web page for FD90AID-7

FD90AID-7-NV (7" Night Vision Display)

Flight Displays web page for FD90AID-7-NV
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