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$ 14,250.00      Base price:            Camera Assembly & Wiring Harness.
$ 14,750.00      Bell 407 Install:     Full installation hardware & documents in kit form.
$ 15,400.00      Sikorsky S-76:      Extension Plate, Install Drawings & Documents.

Installation as clean as
an antenna installation.

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As part of the certification process the T6-200 (M-SAT) supported extensive laboratory testing in
order to qualify for airborne flight as an external appliance on aircraft platforms. DO-160G levels
included the following;
Magnetic Effects Cat Z EMC Test Report Operational Shock
Power Input Cat A Total EMC Crash Safety Impulse
Voltage Spike B Temperature Crash Safety Acceleration
Audio Freq. Susceptibility Cat Z Altitude Vibration
Induced Signal Susceptibility Cat Z Decompression Waterproofness
RF Susceptibility Cat Z Over pressure Sand and Dust
RF Emissions Cat B Temperature Variation Salt Spray
Electrostatic Discharge Cat A Humidity  
Performance:   Specifications:
Thermal Imager: Uncooled Vox Microbolometer Input Power: 340ma @ 14VDC (0.34amp)
Display Format: 640 x 480  (NTSC)   170ma @ 28VDC (0.17amp)
Frame Rate: 30 Hz, fast frame EMI/RFI Protection: Yes (nickel shielded shells)
Spectral Band 7.5 - 13.5 um   Lighting Strike: Embedded copper weave
Camera Lens: 14mm, hard coated   Wiring Harness:  Mil-Spec (fully shielded)
Field of View: 32°Horiz x 26°Vert Dimensions: 5.27"L x 2.72"W x 3.20"H
Sweep Range: 0-28° Vert, fwd looking Weight: 1 lb. (camera assembly)
The turret housing assemblies are processed with military grade glass and epoxy materials.
The housing also supports embedded copper weave for rapid energy discharge into the hull
and further processed with a nickel coating for EMI/RFI sheilding. When mounted onto the
external hull it provides a strong, stable and reliable platform for video imaging capabilities with
an electric servo assembly for pilot comand trim control from 0 to 28 degrees forward looking.
Physical Properties:   Features:
Turret Housing: S-2 Glass Composite Mounting Config: Direct to flat honeycomb
Transition Plate: Fiber Impregnated   or factory extension plate
Opt. Temp Range: -40°C to 80°C Wiring Harness: Fully assembled to camera
Temp Shock: 5 degrees / minute user defines video termination
Operational Alt: 16,000 ft @ 160mph Sweep Control: 28° inflight pilot trim control
Vibration: 4.3g (3 axis, 8 hours ea)   Mounting Hardware: Everything Included
Shock: 200g shock pluse (11ms)   Maintenance: On Condition
Envriomental: Sealed to IP 67   STC'd on Bell 407G & GX Models
Lab Tested DO-160/G levels   STC'd on Sikorsky S-76 A,B,C,D Models
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