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There are primarily two methods for installation where aircraft hulls are concerned, one being honeycomb construction and the other being skin and rib structures. In both cases M-SAT can adapt to both structures. In the case of honeycomb construction (such as hull floors) the installation is straight forward where four potting inserts are embedded into the honeycomb structure where the transition plate is fixed with four retaining screws. Additionally this installation typically requires the installation of an inner and outer doubler bonded to the skin. There is an STC approved installation on a Bell 407 where M-SAT is mounted on honeycomb construction. See drawing here

In the case of skin and rib structures (where hull contours exist) an extension plate machined of 6061-T6 aluminum is fashioned to compensate for the contour where the transition plate is fixed with four retaining screws. An impression of the hull location will need to be fabricated in order to produce a proper fit to the hull in order to fix the camera in the proper orientation. This installation also requires internal doublers to capture adjacent ribs for support and stability. There is an STC approved installation on a Sikorsky S-76 where M-SAT is mounted, see drawings page for both honeycomb and skin and rib installations here.

The wiring harness is pre-assembled with a circular plug connector and the trim control switch. Power to the camera is also supplied through the CPC connector and protected by a separate circuit breaker. The video lead is pre-assembled with an SMA connector to the camera and the opposite end to be determined by the end user. All wiring is high quality MIL-Spec and fully shielded. Any hardware associated with the harness is also provided.

Link to any of the installations below to view in greater detail each configuration.
Honeycomb Installations                 Skin & Rib Installations                Wiring Harness Assembly
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