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Approved Skin/Rib and Honeycomb Installations Installation Drawings

Sikorsky S-76 Approved Installation Data

Drawings for this installation

 T6-S76-L1-04_[SHEET 1 OF 3_DOUBLER INSTALL].pdf

   T6-S76-L1-04_[SHEET 2 OF 3_TRANS PLT INSTALL].pdf

T6-S76-L1-04_[SHEET 3 OF 3_CAMERA INSTALL].pdf
The data shown here is supported by STC No. SR03441CH, DWG No: E08013-T6200-F001, REV A. dated 03/23/2015.

We can provide you with a drawing similar to this specific for your installation upon your request.

1- Existing airframe stringers, LH-RH.
2- Airframe skin.
3- Existing rivets, LH-RH.
4- Shim, 2024-T3 ALU, thickness determined to off-set stringer thickness to airframe skin (0.063" thick for S-76 models).
5- Internal Doubler, 2024-T3 ALU, designed to capture both LH-RH stringers (0.040" thick for S-76 models).
6- Additional rivet pattern to capture internal doubler, shim and airframe skin together.

Note: this assembly riveted together when wet with a thin film of epoxy adhesive.
Full Camera Assembly Installation (STC'd)
Skin & Rib Mounting Configuration.
1- FLIR Camera Assembly.
2- Extension Plate - machined of 6061-T6 ALU conformed to hull contour.
3- Extension Plate retaining hardware.
4- Wiring Harness to circuit breaker, trim control switch and video supply lead to display.

Note: The Extension Plate is required to mount the camera on compound curves.
Camera Location on Sikorsky S-76 Models (on belly)
Bell 407 Approved Installation Data

Download approved drawing here.
The data shown here is supported by STC No. SR02615NY, DWG No. T6-60201, REV A. dated: 03/06/2011.

1- FLIR Camera Assembly.
2- Transition Plate Assembly.
3- Outer Airframe Doubler.
4- Inner Airframe Doubler.
5- Potting Inserts.

Note: inner and outer doublers are riveted when wet with a thin film of epoxy adhesive.
Camera Location on Bell 407 Models (on belly)
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