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Field Approval Process Page
for guidance in obtaining a Field Approval.
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supporting documentation for data package
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  Data package components  

A procedure for requesting approval of "technical data" for a major repair/major alteration includes the submittal of a data package.

To organize project data and standardize the field approval process, we recommend using the following data package:
Data Package Components
Field approval checklist (recommended) The checklist can be used to organize data and information before requesting a field approval. It is a tool to ensure your submission is complete. pdf  172KB
Copies of any substantiating data Substantiating data shows that the design complies with the applicable regulations and that all appropriate technical considerations have been addressed.  
FAA Form 337, Major Repair or Alteration Complete FAA Form 337, except for dates and signatures in blocks 6 and 7. You should enter dated signatures after completing the repair/alteration and inspecting for conformance. pdf  174KB
Compliance checklist The compliance checklist documents applicable regulations and associated compliance with those regulations. pdf  104KB
Maintenance information Adequate instructions to maintain the repaired or altered product in an airworthy condition.
For example: instructions contained in the ICAS and/or appliance maintenance manuals.
see ICAS and
O&M Manual
Draft Proposed FMS    (T6 specific) A guide and template to use to develop a flight manual supplement for your aircraft. pdf  78 KB
Draft Proposed ICAS   (T6 specific) A guide and template to use to develop an ICA supplement for your aircraft. pdf  485KB
Operating and Maintenance Manual Basic Operating & Maintenance Manual for T6-200 EVS System.
Contains similar data as Draft Proposed ICAS, but not a required part of the data package.
pdf  420KB
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